I’m here to help you turn the light on

I’ve had to learn it all through trial and error. This has taken decades ! Just so you know I’m still learning and probably always will be. I don’t think we ever “get there”. When we have been abused, neglected or betrayed it is traumatizing and we never really “get over it “. We survive. We learn. We heal and we get better but we are never as if we were never injured. I’ve beat the odds. I have survived. 

Statistically I should not be where I am. It has not come without some collateral damage along the way. I’ve experienced poverty, an abusive marriage, a major illness and family estrangement. I lost my brother to suicide when I was only 34 and I lost my mother suddenly when I was only 19 years old. To say I’ve had more than my fair share of loss and tragedy would be an understatement. Huge HOWEVER; I believe all these things were put in my path to bring me here. There is nothing I’ve encountered that didn’t teach me something that I needed to know.

I am truly blessed to be on this journey and share it with you. I hope to give you my knowledge, my experiences, my triumphs and my failures. I want to help you live a more Peaceful Journey. I want to share with you how simple life really is. Don’t leave your life to chance or trial and error. Stop sabotaging your success. Get a clear path with achievable results.

I hope this reaches you before so much of your life is consumed in a state of despair, fear, oppression, poverty, addiction and survival. We ALL have what it takes to succeed and lead a happy healthy life. We ALL deserve a happy healthy life. I hope you will come to know that. See you on the Journey !

With Love